Community For The Win!

When competing in a creative niche market, are other sellers your competition or community?

By definition, competition may fit this scenario, however, when we look at the synonyms, it just doesn’t feel right.

For me, community feels like a better fit! A community supports you, a community inspires you, a community is there for you.

As a life long learner who needs to be constantly challenged and learning new things, I became bored in my previous career and needed a new adventure!

So about 6 months ago I decided that it was time to choose my next path.

I started my training with Wendy Conklin, ‘The Chair Stylist’ of Chair Whimsy. My training includes a year-long mentorship program, ‘The Business of Chairs’, in my niche market with a strong community component.

Our community is made up of approximately 30 strong women all competing in the same niche market.

How does that work?

‘The Business of Chairs’ has a private Facebook group, where, as a group we share ideas and tips. We follow and share each other’s Instagram pages, Facebook accounts, Pinterest pins, and Etsy shops.

We support each other every step of the way.

As a group we meet twice a month via Zoom to discuss our businesses and provide updates on how our goals are going. We share trade secrets, help troubleshoot any issues or obstacles – from finding inspiration to shipping our large products.

We keep each other accountable for our goals.

This group is mutually beneficial. Our group is made up of women with decades of experience to newcomers like myself. You may think that as a newcomer, I would benefit more than the established women, however, this is just not true!

The established businesses are growing in new and unique ways, some are going to pursue more teaching avenues, as they have found strength in this area.

This is not a unique perceptive in the creative industry. Photographer Heather Biddle says:

“It truly is incredible to find your “tribe” of people who understand, relate and can help you be the best that you can be. It also invites an opportunity to learn from one another so we can all become successful, together. After all, we are all after the same basic goal- success.

The women of ‘The Business of Chairs’ are my ‘Tribe’, my community. They support me, they motivate me, they inspire me!

Check Out The Beautiful Work From My Talented Tribe!

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