Reimagined. Vintage. Chairs.

My specialty is creating unique and colourful vintage chairs, reimagined to bring joy and colour to your space. I can develop custom designs to fit your personality and style (always with my colourful flair), or you can shop my inventory of finished chairs and furniture in my webstore.

Custom Chairs Designed For You

I create custom vintage chairs reimagined with my own colourful style to fit your space. Indoor or outdoor chairs available to bring colour and joy to your space. Work with me to get that one-of-a-kind statement piece to finish your space in style!

Unique Pieces.
Unique Style.

I don't shy away from unique pieces like this chaise, a Victorian Settee, or a deconstructed couch. I love bringing my unique style to unique pieces to create one-of-a-kind furniture that will bring a smile to your face and comments from your friends and family!

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Who I Am

Welcome to Haute Couchair! Have a seat, grab a drink, relax. You deserve it!

As a little girl, I was passionate about choosing my outfit every morning. I had so much fun with the colours and patterns of my clothes and accessories.  I didn’t notice what others noticed; the stains all over my dress or my unbrushed hair.  I just wanted to have fun!

Being my Authentic Self is my number one goal each day.

The more we listen to other people the more we lose track of our authentic self; what makes us happy, what we like, what makes us giddy!

Let’s get back to having fun!

So let’s forget the rules, the trends, the colour of the year and let’s design with the sole purpose of self-fulfilment.

I started Haute Couchair after several attempts to find myself through creative pursuits.  I fell in love with designing chairs because there are so many options of what they could be.  They are endless; from the original chair frames to the paint or stain choices, don’t forget about the everlasting options of fabrics!

Boy are we having fun now!!

Life is about having fun and designing your own chair is the most fun you can have!

Through Haute Couchair I have committed to inspiring myself and others through self-love, empowerment, and creative pursuits with a commitment to be the most authentic you.

I design chairs, with clients, that reflect who they really are!

What I Do

Reimagined Vintage Chairs

I bring new life to vintage chairs through my unique approach to style and colour. I always have some of my chairs available for purchase through my webstore.

Custom Designed Chairs

I work with my clients to design one-of-a-kind chair designs with my unique flair but reflecting their personality and style to fit in their space. Work with me today!

Other Unique Furniture

While my speciality is chairs, I never turn down a unique piece of furniture that I can put my stamp on. Find my current pieces in my store, or review my portfolio for more.

What My Clients Are Saying

  • Cathie RedmondCathie Redmond

    Thank you so much for the custom piece you did for me! Your style really came through and you breathed new life into a family heirloom that we were ready to throw out. Now we love it and couldn't imagine parting with it!